New Destiny DLC: The House of Wolves


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
Anyone following the new House of Wolves DLC and rumormill chat? I know I am!


Plus many new story missions and a Raid, I'm looking forward to fresh content! How about you?
After successfully piling away through the content the HoW has to offer, out of the two DLC it's far superior to Crota's End, but I have a feeling TAKEN KING (With Oryx, Crota's Father - who is pissed we killed his son off) will be a decent one. I hope they've learned from Crota, but time will tell.

He looks like a badass.

Prison of Elders in HoW is the whole reason to buy it. I love the wave assault mechanics and the different level of the prisons to do, along with the wealth of new exotics. Definitely worth a look!

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