What old NES games do you still play?


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
What old Nintendo Games do you guys still play around with? I have plenty both on emulator and in real life. I just dredged up my console and I found the Original Golden Cartridge Zelda game inside the system still with two controllers. I was like SCORE.

So what old games do you still have/play for your NES?

Lately, I've been playing ANTICIPATION and MARIO 1-2-3, but I have Zelda and Zelda 2 on close standby. Anyone else playing NES games? Emulator or real console, doesn't matter.

It's nice to go back to our roots and see just what humans are capable in under half a century with games. Amazing even.
About 3 weeks ago I got stuck into Super Mario Bros on my Nes. It is timeless. Playing it now though I'm realizing just how far 2D Mario has come and how much has been added to the series in each game. It's still a quality game, but it feels kinda bare and straightforward compared to the games that came later.

I've also dusted off The Legend of Zelda in the last few months. It still holds up because none of the other games in the series are quite like it. It has an '80s old-school style that the rest of the series lacks (or has surpassed, depending on your preferences).

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