What was your response to Halo 2's cliffhanger ending?


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Feb 27, 2013
Personally, I was happy and bitter at the same time. The lack of closure frustrated me, but that quickly turned into relief as I realized that it implied a sequel. In retrospect, I like that Bungie chose to end the game that way; after an unsatisfying end boss fight, at least there's an ending that establishes a base for yet another amazing Halo sequel.
I loved the ending. Knowing Master Chief was on his way back, and just the final two levels of Halo 2 on their own are absolutely fantastic. I was angry though, because it seemed a little mismatched but it did open the door for Halo 3, which is an absolutely mindblowing game even now.
I hated it. I could not believe they ended it that way. There is some ViDoc out there explaining that originally they had much grander schemes for Halo 2 but the dev time didn't work out and the was the reason it ended like that.
It left me feeling satisfied actually. I read from quite a few sources saying that alot of the game's players were very made at how Bungie made the ending. But I liked it, especially since it was basically a green light for another Halo, which we know now is Halo 3 . It also made me want to go back and redo everything again ha.
It's hard to complain about the ending given the length of the campaign for Halo 2. As much as the last fight with the brute chieftan wasn't the pinnacle ending you would hope for after such a spectacular game, I wasn't left with a bitter taste in my mouth.
Felt a little...disappointed really. Kind of a bit of a let down considering, but I guess considering it gave us Halo 3 it's not all bad you know?

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