Which control scheme do you prefer?


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Feb 27, 2013
I go with Bumper Jumper, and I have since Halo 3. It is great due to the fact that you can jump while using your right stick, and it gives a noticeable advantage as a result. The only downside I can think of is that using the jetpack is a little more difficult, which I rarely do, anyway.
I switched to Bumper Jumper in halo 4. I have always used legacy stick layout since halo CE. I like being able to jump without taking my thumbs of joysticks however, i'm noticing now that I have to take my thumbs off to use the jet pack now.... So, it's a give and take.
I also use Bumper Jumper. Takes some getting used to but now I can't go back. I am not a Jetpack user so that part is not an issue. I use thruster with it and its pure joy.
Boxer for me, i'm the kind that will get in your face with a depleted energy sword and beat you to death, i also have my layout inverted. just because it add's a little dificulty.
I've used the default control scheme all my Halo life. I never took the time to learn and get used to the other control schemes.

I seem to be doing very good in Matchmaking/Customs with default so I'm gonna stick to it. :)

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