Huge GRIMOIRE Jump with new Expansion


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Jan 22, 2015
NW PA, Erie Region
Upon logging in the first time after downloading the latest updates (And sub-sequential release) of HOUSE of WOLVES DLC, you will notice a staggering jump in your Grimoire. This is not only from all their new areas, enemies, weapons, and content - but also for previously broken Grimoire cards you could not obtain. I notice my MERCURY cards I could never grind were automatically given to me, which makes me assume BUNGIE new about all their broken lore cards and are fixing them finally ( I CAN Hope, Can't I?)

There are three ghosts in the new "Reef" social space. There are plenty of cards to acquire from just playing the missions. Prison of Elders, the ARENA and Wave-assault Horde Mode with objectives, has a metric crap ton of cards inside of it. Playing PVP, the three new maps each award you with new grimoire. The TRIALS of OSIRIS even has their own Grimoire tract.

I'm currently at 3245 Grimoire at the time of this writing, and I've seen some even at 3300+ (Which is insane). There's so much content to explore, grind, and love, I can't see the hate that this game gets is warranted. Sure, it's repetitive to a certain extent but any (and all) games are. It's just how they mask that over.

So, what's your new GRIMOIRE score? Are you beating me? So far below me it feels like a daunting task? Perhaps you're on par and still are grinding plenty of categories.

Whichever the case may be, discuss away!
Also, if you play Trials of Osiris for one day straight, you can get 30+ Grimoire boost from just playing the elimination game type ( they have their own crucible track ) so it's worth it, even if you suck, to grind away on it. Easy 30 boost if you're into grinding Grimoire like I AM!

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