halo 4

  1. InvertedReach

    Halo 4 Glitch/Trick - The Light Pit

    Hey everyone, we uploaded our second installation on glitch tutorials today, this time, we feature Halo 4. This trick I like to call, 'The Light Pit' because that's basically what it is, and you can't get down there originally because it has been blocked off by kill barriers. Hope you enjoy! If...
  2. C1V1LProtection

    The Patriotic Few Needs YOU!

    Hello I am C1V1LProtection and I am the President of The Patriotic Few or the TPF. We are an American militaristic clan seeking to spread the core values of every American, Freedom, Liberty, and Honor. Since we are based on the United States Marine Corps ranks we do have an option to if you...
  3. R

    Will we ever be able to download out films from halowaypoint directly to our PC?

    Are we ever going to be able to download our clips from our fileshare to our PCs or am I going to need to buy a capture card?
  4. Z

    Halo 4 Boxing Mod

    Here is a video on our ZombifiedNation channel of a game mode you can find in the file share of "corbman" or "zombifiedmorder". It is the boxing game mode! Literally punching each other with our fists in a small boxing arena map. Halo 4 Boxing Part 1: Halo 4 Boxing Part 2: Let us know...
  5. F

    Exiled ODST

    Hey i got a clan on halo 4 and i am looking to recruit we have three divisions which are slayer, forge, and swat. We are NOT a lazy clan. If you join then you have to participate and help around. If this sounds like the thing for you then send me your gamer taga and i will put you throught the...
  6. I

    No Specialization Code?!? Help?!?

    Ummm, my gamer tag is IXAHALOGODXI .Hence , as you may see I have played before November 21st and is on Level 70. So 343i, I need this code. Can anyone give me one or I'll have to call Microsoft( I am a big Halo Fan).I don't know what I should do? Help?!?
  7. I

    The Campaign

    I've started the campaign of Halo 4 earlier. It is a great game with awesome graphics and new guns. I've just got to the last mission and can't wait to go on multiplayer (servers were down) The best mission has to be the one where you find Lasky, 3 I think. He looks so different to the end of...
  8. BigBigFan

    Halo 4 Multi-Player Map Walkthrough - Ragnarok

    If you're still on the fence about Halo 4 take a look at this excellent walkthrough of the multi-player map Ragnarok by IGN. Spoiler: Halo 3 lovers will recognize this map as being Valhalla :) Take a look at the skies and the waterfall, everything has been taken up a notch in making the...
  9. TorchuVadergear

    Midnight Release

    For months and months I waited for the Halo 4 launch date to be announced, and for the game to be available in stores. Needless to say, I preordered at first possible chance. I've since been making the pre-order a big deal to all gamers I know, pressuring them to be present at a midnight...